Since 1980’s, Par-San has implemented many important projects such as constructing buildings, infrastructure, roads and similar contract works, which are the company’s main fields of activity. Our priority is to support the development of our country with our quarter -century of experience in the sector, professional technical staff, the effective management center and the resources of control, automation and logistics network.

Towards this goal, we direct our knowledge and experience in different business areas and markets and proud to achieve new triumphs every day in construction, energy, mining and tourism sectors along with the self-confidence that our experts and managers give us. We are consolidating our position in the marketplace every day with skilled manpower , R & D investments , high quality products, service mentality and the management approach that  the 21st Century requires. Quality, stability and standard of the relationship among employer-employee-suppliers are among  our indispensable means. Our most important principle is to finish our work completely on time. There lies trust and respect in the basis of our work.

As PAR -SAN family, we have the determination and self-confidence that is required to change dreams into concrete projects. Today we are much stronger to realize our dreams with our capital, experience, horizon, business partners and colleagues.

Hasan İslamoğlu
Chairman of the Board